OYO ROOMES Get Flat Rs300 off on booking hotels across India

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OYO ROOMES Get Flat Rs300 off on booking hotels across India

How To Get OYO ROOMES Get Flat Rs300 off on booking hotels across India Offer:

1. Click On Shop Now on OYO ROOMES Get Flat Rs300 off on booking hotels across India and Go to Online Site.

2. Placed Order for OYO ROOMES Get Flat Rs300 off on booking hotels across India.

3. Come Back to Customer Paradise after 4-5 hours.

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OYO ROOMES Get Flat Rs300 off on booking hotels across India

Term & conditions for OYO ROOMES Get Flat Rs300 off on booking hotels across India:

The process of booking Services from this OYO ROOMES Get Flat Rs300 off / Application may require you to disclose confidential information including Credit Card number etc. To prevent any possibility of unauthorized access to your confidential information such as name, address etc., you shall not use/access this site from unsecure computers, unsecure communication links, unsecure mobile phones or locations such as Internet-Cafe(s), Cyber-Cafe(s) and other commercially available internet enabled computers or computer services.

That relying on declarations, confirmations, information and obligations made/undertaken by the User in accordance with Usage Terms, and believing the same to be true and acting on the faith thereof, OYO Rooms has agreed to provide the Services to the User as per the Usage Terms mentioned herein. In particular, the User does hereby agree, promise, declare, confirm, covenant, undertake and represent & warrant to OYO Rooms:

(a) the User is not under any legal or other deficiency which prevents/may prevent the User from: (i) entering into a valid contract under the applicable laws; and (ii) making valid payment to OYO Rooms for Services ordered by the User.

(b) In the event of detecting any suspicious activity from User’s account, OYO Rooms reserves the right to cancel all pending and future orders owing to any such incident without any liability to the User.

(c) In a credit card transaction; User must use your own credit card for which User has full right & authority to validly use such Credit Card for making payment to OYO Rooms. OYO Rooms shall not be liable for any credit card fraud. The liability to use a card fraudulently will be on the User and the onus to ‘prove otherwise’ shall be exclusively on User.

(d) While using the Website/ Application User shall at all times strictly comply with the payment procedure and the Usage Terms in their entirety.

(e) Your use of the Services shall be deemed that you are fully satisfied with the description, look and design of the accommodation and usage fee of the Accommodation as has been displayed on OYO Room’s Website/ Application.

The User agrees and acknowledges that in the Website/ Application all Services are offered only at the sole discretion of OYO Rooms.

User hereby agree and understand that he will have to pay the usage fee as mentioned on the Website/Application for the concerned Accommodation via the payment mode provided on the Website/Application post which User’s requested reservation will be confirmed. Once the reservation has been confirmed, OYO Rooms will debit the usage fee from the payment mode selected by the User. The User agrees and acknowledges that the payment procedure may call for and require additional verification of or information from the User and the User undertakes to provide complete, correct and proper information.

OYO Rooms uses third party payment providers to receive payments from User. OYO Rooms is not responsible for delays or erroneous transaction execution or cancellation of reservation due to payment issues. OYO Rooms takes utmost care to work with third party payment providers, but does not control their systems, processes, technology and work flows, hence cannot be held responsible for any fault at the end of payment providers.

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