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Terms & Conditions for Musafir:

Change and cancellation policy

All requests for change or cancellation of any goods and services purchased on this website must be delivered in writing to the service help address provided at the end of these terms or by email to and must be received in both cases, on our working days at least 24 hours before these goods and services are scheduled to be provided. Our offices are open (“working days”) from 9:00am to 6:00pm India local time on each day from Monday to Sunday, except on public holidays and holidays declared for private sector establishments in India.

You agree to abide by the terms and conditions imposed at the time of your purchase, which will determine the change and cancellation policy applicable to your purchase, including, but not limited to penalties which may apply. Additionally, you agree that:

  1. If a change or cancellation policy relevant to your request is not provided in the terms and conditions imposed at the time of your purchase, your purchase can not be changed and is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.
  2. If a cancellation policy relevant to your request in the terms and conditions imposed at the time of your purchase does not explicitly state a refundable amount or how it may be calculated, your purchase is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.
  3. If the change or cancellation policies relevant to your request in the terms and conditions imposed at the time of your purchase do not specify the price of partly utilized services, they will be calculated based on the price of the utilized services alone at the time of your request and not pro-rata.

Requests for permitted changes and cancellations will be processed within 2 working days after all payments required to process the request are settled. In the event of a cancellation, any payments to be refunded after the deduction of payments required to process the cancellation will be credited to the same payment card or account which was used to make the original purchase within 15 working days thereafter. Some payment cards and accounts may take up to an additional 6 months thereafter to display the credited amount.

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Musafir India Pvt Ltd, the most popular Indian online travel portal today is dedicated towards providing an enriched travel experience to travellers. Driven by the vision of uniting smart technology with customer satisfaction, our services across both desktop and mobile platforms have been widely appreciated. The word musafir (pronounced moo-saa-fir) means “traveller” in Arabic.
At, we stand by the core values – Honesty, Quality, Reliability and Expertise. We believe in providing you an experience that is beyond the ordinary. Our uniqueness lies in our transparency across all levels. Travellers travel, but Musafirs inspire! The change from a traveller to a Musafir is inevitable. It’s time we live the life of a Musafir – Once a Musafir #AlwaysAMusafir was founded by Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, Sachin Gadoya and Albert Dias in August 2007 and was inaugurated by Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Thani on April 23, 2009. Musafir India, launched in the year 2010, signed an exciting partnership with cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar in 2013 as its global brand ambassador.
We offer flight tickets and bookings to over 3,000 destinations, hotel stays in over 85,000 properties around the world, endless holiday experiences. Our commitment lies in providing users the advantage of easy travel bookings at affordable prices.