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Goibibo: Payout

Goibibo – Default CPS ₹125.00
Goibibo International Flight CPS ₹300.00
Goibibo Domestic Hotels CPS ₹300.00
Goibibo Bus CPS ₹15.00

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After that we will get the advertising money and return the same to you.
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Goibibo is the largest online hotels booking engine in India and also one of the leading air aggregator. Goibibo is also the number one ranked mobile app under the travel category. Goibibo’s core value differentiator is delivery of the fastest and the most trusted user experiences, be it in terms of quickest search and booking, fastest payments, settlement and refund processes. Goibibo has grown its hotels booking volumes by 5x in 2015 over the previous year. 70% of hotel bookings take place on Goibibo’s mobile app.