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Get Upto rps 150 Cashback on Minimum Shopping

Emi Bazaar

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Cashbacks will be tracked and credited to your account within 72 hours from time of purchase. In case you don’t get a confirmation email, then contact us within 1 week from time of order


.Cashback may be tracked to lower value initially. It will be updated to correct amount at time of approval


Cashbacks are valid on COD orders and EMI as well.


Complete your purchase in the same session after clicking from Customer Paradise


Cashback is not payable if you return or exchange ,all or any part of your order


Make sure you have disabled ad-blocker(if any) installed in your browser at time of placing order


Cashback may take 30 days before you can withdraw it. Number of days depends on return policy of site. We’ll give cashback after confirmation from purchasing site.


Cashback is NOT guaranteed.Using a coupon not listed on customerparadise or store credits may void your cashback

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Emi Bazaar Affordability Platform – To make aspiration affordable for the Indian consumers To Build a platform which helps consumers choose and buy from a vast range of products and services – Emi Bazaar from Mobile Phones to Holidays – on easy Installments by offering them access to finance from a large number of Banks and Consumer Finance companies. Our unique Emi Bazaar payment options have served lacs of happy customers, enabling them to buy the products and services of their choice with the added financial flexibility that Emi Bazaar  afford. Emi Bazaar With the most extensive payment options including Emi Bazaar  on Credit Cards from nearly all leading Credit Cards issuers in the country, emibazaar is well on its path to fulfilling its mission.Emi Bazaar 
Next on the cards, quite literally, is finance for customers without Credit Cards. We are working with major Banks and Finance companies to enable purchasing through EMIs on Debit Cards and Consumer Loans. Emi Bazaar Not limiting ourselves to the web,Emi Bazaar  we are building a multi-channel, multi lingual retail platform which caters to customers on the Web as well as on Phone. Emi Bazaar The idea is to enable assisted commerce focused at selling only on EMI. India does not speak 1 language; so we talk to our Customers in 7 different local languages in addition to English and Hindi, helping them in making the right purchase and finance decision.